Jean Chapman

Writing has been my life for a long time now...
My first novel was published in 1981, but before that I contributed to three local newspapers as a freelance and wrote many short stories. I wrote my first novel a chapter at a time with a short story in between. Having been well accepted in the short story markets of that time, I did not want to be unpublished in the fiction magazines for nearly twelve months, while I wrote my WWI novel The Unreasoning Earth.

Asked to take over a creative writing class at about the same time as my first novel was published, I found I had two retired headmasters in my first group at Countesthorpe College, Leicestershire— as a confidence booster I took an O.U. degree in English and the Arts.

Although widely travelled — I have ‘walked the ground’ wherever my books have been set — I can trace my father‘s family tree back to the 1600s within two miles of where I now live.

I am both awed and inspired by many poets from John Donne to Seamus Heaney. The love of language, words, is what it is all about to my mind. These days Twitter is not a bad training ground for brevity, the art of saying much in little. I did start tweeting hints on creative writing — I must continue!

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