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Deadly Odds fifth in the John Cannon mystery murder series launches him into the world of horse eventing in the UK and one of the most exciting races in the world the Kentucky Derby. The pace like the races gets faster and faster. Will Cannon see justice done?

Deadly Zeal Ex-Inspector John Cannon always promised his partner, Liz, a holiday from their busy Lincolnshire pub. Murder follows a Quiz night at The Trap causing a wealthy businessman to seek Cannon’s help. This results in a cruise to the frozen wastes of northern Norway – but it is to be no holiday. Murder travels with them across the Arctic Circle. Cannon jumps ship to follow a suspect, finds his murderer has Norwegian connections and local knowledge, a deadly advantage. Eventually Cannon re-joins Liz on board their ship – but even then the chase is not over.

Deadly Serious third murder mystery featuring ex-Met officer John Cannon, his partner Liz Makepeace and set around their public house The Trap in The Fens, where rivalries, revenge and retribution reach a bitter conclusion.


A Watery Grave second murder mystery set in a mysterious area of The Fens featuring ex-Met Inspector John Cannon who is in trouble the moment he vaults a stile on an early morning run and becomes ensnarled in a discarded fishing-line, and the macabre catch at the other end.


Both Sides of the Fence first murder mystery to introduce ex-Met Inspector John Cannon, a man with justice always on his mind, and his ex-met sergeant Liz Makepeace, both prepared to sacrifice all for the other. 2009.


Danced Over the Sea set in rural Leicestershire, this romance tells the story of a family facing destruction because of the rivalry between two half-brothers – not helped when the elder and heir to the Philipps’ estate starts a relationship with the attractive daughter of a farmworker. Sequel to And A Golden Pear.


And A Golden Pear set in heart of rural Leicestershire just after the second World War. This is a story of loyalties, first daughter to father, then woman to the young man she loves, then to the man she marries. Three very different men divide her heart.


A New Beginning the moving love stories of a mother and daughter played out against the turbulent backdrop of World War II, beginning with their compulsory evacuation from their home in Gibraltar. This novel is dedicated to, and woven around, the factual events and experiences of four sisters who were born on Europa Point lighthouse, Gibraltar, and were caught up in a hazardous sea journey across the Atlantic to be brought to London at the height of the Blitz.


This Time Last Year the story of an English girl caught up in the German invasion of France in the 1940s because of her family’s friendship with an Avignon family. The story of two journeys, one through war-torn France, the other from girl to womanhood.


The Soldier’s Girl the evacuation of London children to the far south west of Cornwall in World War II was a culture shock to both. The Cockney spirit is unbowed by prejudice, trauma, war or personal tragedy and like love triumphs in the end.


The Red Pavilion the love stories of mother and daughter set in Malaya in 1948 during the communist insurgence. The daughter regards Malaya as home, the mother leaves England only very reluctantly – their attitudes change. Short listed for the Romantic Novel of the Year.


A World Apart a young girl’s ambition to be a journalist at the end of the 1939–45 war. Her mother’s uncaring harshness explained at the end, by which time her daughter has reported on the Nuremberg trials, the fate of girls who married G.I.’s and been involved with two very different men.


Fortune’s Woman 1926 General Strike and the fortunes of a young woman sent to care for an aunt in a mining village. She becomes involved in the miners’ causes, their hates and their loves.


The Bellmakers a family of women striving to make a living in the man’s world of 1880s become involved with a family of bellmakers, but prejudice, superstition and gossip threaten.


Savage Legacy set against the background of Edwardian London and the rise of the suffragette movement this novel charts the course of an unlikely love affair across a wide social divide.  


Forbidden Path this story of clashes between new farming methods and the traditional ways is set in the heart of rural England in the long hot summer of 1921. It is not just the use of steam engines instead of horses that brings conflict, the extrovert daughter of a land-owning family falls in love with a newcomer and there is much that is forbidden.


Tangled Dynasty Eleanor learned the reality of life at an early age. From her father she learned about cruelty and hatred; from the world she learned about poverty and war... But from her mother she learned about hope – and the courage which would never allow her to bow in defeat, or give up her struggle for dignity and love as they wait for the return of her father from the trenches of the
World War I.  

The Unreasoning Earth a young woman waits for the train bringing her beloved Tom back from the Western Front and the terrible conflict of World War I. She knew she would have to fight to win back his health – and his love – for the horror of combat had changed him and she found herself confronted by a remote stranger. Short listed for Romantic Novel of the Year Award.  

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